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Red Rock Landscape

Green Leaf

a film by Rubén Möller


"... it's exquisite to watch ."

Animation World Magazine (scroll to bottom of page),
Fresh from the Festivals: April 2005’s Reviews,
By Taylor Jessen

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Genre: Animation
Formats: 35mm Film Dolby SR
DVD Dolby Digital 5.1
Length: 10 minutes 30 seconds
Country Of Origin: Canada
Date Completed: July 2004

Red Rock Landscape


Hebrew word for cave, ´Sheol´ is the place under the earth 
where departed spirits are believed to go.

"Although there is no general accepted evidence that death
is not the conclusive end of life, it is tenet of some religions
(e.g. of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)
that death is followed by everlasting life elsewhere
-- in Sheol, hell or heaven --
and that eventually there will be
a universal physical resurrection."

Alphabet of Ben Sira, as quoted in The Book of Genesis,
By Robert Graves and Raphael Patai.

Sheol offers a unique style of computer graphics blended
with time-lapse motion control movement. Extravagant
tabletop camera work highlights the robotic rig to achieve
this effort coined the RUEbot.The lighting and camera
mechanism took 7 years to develop and fabricate.
Each shot scrutinized throughout production consumed
yet another 2 years, boasting a sobering equation of
‘a year a minute’ for this alluring experience.

Black-Ant in Red-Rock landscape

The film casts a spell wielding surrealistic sensations. 
A cavernous set literally comes to life gestured by a
 shifting light. The ebb and flow of this world strings 
together a series of events to muster layers of interpretation 
and appreciation. Strong character animation leaves a lingering 
impression as the smallest of actions lends to the ideology 
a universal though controversial notion.



Sedona International Film Festival
Sedona, Arizona, USA
Thurs., Feb. 23 at 12:50 p.m. - Harkins Theatre 1
Sun., Feb. 26 at 10:20 a.m. - Harkins Theatre 1
Screens with Temple of Love and Return to Tibet

24th Vancouver International Film Festival
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2005 Slamdance Film Festival
AWARD: Honorable Mention Best Animation Short
Park City, Utah, USA
January 23, 25 Animation Competition

17th Seagate Foyle Film Festival 2004
Derry, Northern Ireland
November 21  12pm    Animation 4

Cinanima 2004 Animated Film Festival
Espinho, Portugal  November 8  Panorama

8th Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival 2004
Arclight Cinemas Hollywood, USA

Black Snail with Green ivy in foreground

in support with
Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Section
British Columbia Art Council Media Arts Section

and assistance from
National Film Board of Canada
Filmmakers Assistance Program
Montreal Vancouver


Sergio Garces   Roy Moretti    Bruce McRurie   Tony Dutra
Geoff Morbey   Carlos Möller   Ivan Diaz

thanks George Johnson Michael Fukushima Richard Bidwell Curt Randall Gaston Labbe Dieter Piltz David Simpson Chimo Tooling Ltd. Skeans Engineering & Machinery Ltd. Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Roberto and Nora Möller

"Concerto in D Minor – Adagio"
composer: Alessandro Marcello
performed by Capella Istropolitana
courtesy of Naxos by arrangement with Source/Q

Close-Up Black-Snail with Large Golden-Yellow Eye


2004 Rue Productions

Canada Council of the Arts / British Columbia Arts Council / National Film Board FAPP



                  Sheol: The Abode of the Dead

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