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Morte et Dabo holds two meanings in Latin. 'Gift of Death' describes a sacrifice,
     for the sake of humanity. "Death, I give you" conveys an act of mercy, to end the suffering.

White Lily Fly

a film by / un film de  
Rubén Möller

                   A vivid 30-minute Real3D cinematic blend of puppet and time-lapse animation
           digitally enhanced frame-by-frame to create an immersive, contemplative experience. 

white diamond hydrangeas


Stereoscopic HD       5.1 Surround Sound      3D-DCP 2K       3DBLURAY     

30 minutes     Canada     2019                                                        

yellow lily


Inspired by a poem titled 'A Dying Gay Man', the film recites my grief at the height of the AIDS crisis.
      I saw my future dire with thoughts of death on so many levels and foresaw a doom that people neither recognized nor empathized with.
                                         I still remorse the loss of life from that time.

I began collecting floral imagery 15 years ago without understanding the significance until
I rediscovered the poem I wrote at a young age.  The words harmonized with the idea of menacing insects that perforated my imagination.  The looming sensation culminates into a historic premonition of the inevitable,  as homage to the fallen since the strife of this era.

The Gift is the realization that all those people who died gave notice to the world that
I exist.  From that time on, activism flourished to offer solace to a community deeply scarred.  Although I am seen as relevant and equal, more work needs to be done.

  This film expresses my lament as a survivor from an era almost forgotten.

faded white  lily with fly




lush white lilies

with the participation from /avec participation de
British Columbia Arts Council

with facilities at /avec facilité au
Intersections Digital Studios
Emily Carr University of Art and Design

many thanks / merci beaucoup
Dr. Maria Lantin
Walter Quan
Dieter Piltz

music / musique
String Quartet in G minor Op. 10 Andantino
composed by Claude Debussy in 1893

dandelions with ladybug


Logos: Intersections Digital Studio at Emily Carr University / British Columbia Arts Council


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old white lilies with ladybug mid flight