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Crumpled Paper Landscape


Imagine the wire melting like liquid into the shape of a finger, a hand, then an arm. The arm begins to take distinct shape. A groteque figure at first but slowly it smooths itself into that of a hand anxiously moving about. Dangling from the wire structure, the hand squirms and writhes timidly as if trapped in a cage. Above, another wire melts towards the anxious hand. This figure also takes distinct form into the shape of another arm, a finger, a hand. Slight and slender, it grasps the air.


Metallic Arm image

a film by
Rubén Möller



Genre: Animation
Formats: Read 3-2K 
DVD Dolby Digital 5.1
Length: 4 minutes
Country Of Origin: Canada
Presented: Sept 2009


photo tryptic of wirey entities

illustration overlay for the captured wire figure to give you an idea of how I visualize the metallic arms growing from the entity